NOTE: One of my kids has started following my blog, so I’ve decided to password protect the stories that have “mature” content. Not that I don’t trust him to leave those stories alone, but… well, I just know when I was kid, curiosity often got the better of my conscience. If you’re a grown-up, and want to read a story that’s password protected, just shoot me a message via

From The Starlight Book and Culture Club

Park Soo-Ae in A Family“On The Balcony” – John (age 22) and Marsha are old friends enjoying a cigarette together on the balcony. Their love and affection for each other is evident until some unintentional comment triggers John’s insecurities.

“Sweet Like Caramel” – John Chong (age 28) and Winnie are not meant for each other. They both know this, but still, however badly their relationship will ultimately turn out, they do have their moments of beauty.


From The Twilight Zone

“Camera” – Diane and David have just acquired a most unusual super power, the ability to see 5 minutes into the future. Unfortunately for them, they’re not the only ones that think that ability is worth fighting, stealing or killing for.

photo credit: seattle times

“Sassy Sally Rides Again Part II” – Chewie just wants a second chance, a chance to right all the wrongs he’s racked up over the years. But more than anything, he wishes he could go back to the one night where he made the biggest mistake of his life.

“Sassy Sally Rides Again” – Chewie’s life is a mess. He’s a middle-aged has-been with no prospects of getting back on his feet. No prospects, that is, until he runs into a figure from his past, his ex-girlfriend Megan.

“ELEVEN-17” – Maureen Chong is an exceptional woman. She’s the last member of the world’s largest murder victim club, and she doesn’t intend to go down without a fight.

Photo Credit: Ghost TrappersROPE – Mikey has just found out that he’s going to die via a rope. But he’s just not sure when, where or how it’ll happen.

Chinese Finger Cuffs –  Lisiel and Elizabeth are two versions of the same woman: one a young girl in love and the other a jaded middle-aged widow. They have so much to learn from each other, but just can’t seem to make a connection.

“Very Literally the World’s Foremost Expert on Stopwatch Repair” – Sandy Chung’s stopwatch is able to literally stop time, freezing everyone and everything on the planet until he presses the “go” button. It’s a great little gadget, but things get complicated when the stopwatch breaks while the world’s still on “stop.”

15198867532a9f21f495z“So Odd, A Boy Like This”  Benjamin Rule has spent most of his life running from his past. Tonight his past finally catches up with him, literally.

“One Good Memory” – Paco, Maggie and Jack are best friends. They set off to the woods to drink and be merry. What the don’t know is that this will their last adventure together.


Other Stories

“Father Hombre” – Cupcake Soh is a little girl with an unusual talent for mayhem. Father Hombre is a gangster priest, and she’s his number one fan.

Minecraft: Kingship” – My seven-year-old son is better at plotting than me. For reals.



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