Walking the Goose, Part 52

Dogs are always barking at Goose. People don’t bark as much. But sometimes we get into it too.

Today, a guy is walking towards us and as he got close, Goose tries to jump on him. He gets startled and yells out, “Go ahead, make my day!”

It sounds like a joke. But he’s looking pretty angry. He keeps walking but is turned back glaring at us.

I yell out, “What are you so mad about!?”

He says, “You know what I’m talking about!”

I say, “Don’t be dick, man. No one’s hurting you!”

He says back, “Go ahead, come on over here! We’ll see what happens! You prick!”

I yell back, “You must be having a really bad day!”

He’s still walking. I can go after him. But really? Am I that guy? And he is bigger than me. I’m not actually interested in physically fighting him. Thankfully he isn’t interested either.

We’re just barking.

November 3rd

2.88 miles


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