Walking the Goose, Part 40

There’s this Husky and Chihuahua that live up the street. They love to bark at me and Goose when we walk by their fence. Except the couple times that the Chihuahua wasn’t there, then the Husky was actually kinda friendly. He even howled at us once when we walked by on the other side of the street.

For the past week or so, I’ve decided I could do without the harassment. So I changed our route to avoid their house. No big deal.

On our new route today, I see a lady in her luxury car make a determined U-turn to come up the street towards us. She pulls up and rolls down her window.

Husker Du, Where Are You?

Husker Du, Where Are You?


“Have you seen a Husky?” she says.

“No, sorry I haven’t,” I respond, and then, “You guys live up the street, on the corner?”

“Yes,” she says, getting a little frantic.

“Yeah, I know your dogs,” I say, “I’ll keep an eye out. If I see them, I’ll bring them up to you.”

“Thank you,” she says, “They’re both lost. I’ve lost my babies.”

She drives off. I walk around a little extra looking for her dogs. I don’t find them. But I really hope she does. Her dogs are kinda annoying. But they should be home with their family. Being annoying isn’t a good enough reason for someone to be homeless.

October 19th

2.69 miles


One comment

  1. Christopher Peter · October 23, 2014

    So what happened? Did the dogs get found? Don’t keep me in suspense!

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