Walking the Goose, Part 39

Me, Helen and the Goose are out for a short morning walk. We see, up ahead of us, something in the middle of the street.

“Road kill,” says Helen.

“I don’t think so,” I say.

Goose has no comment.

As we get closer, it looks like it’s probably something like a big plastic bag. Several cars run it over. This street is fairly busy.


Then I realize it’s an American flag. Some unexpected jolt of patriotism comes over me and I rush into the street to grab Old Glory before it gets run over again.

As soon as I pick it up, I can tell it’s not just some crappy plastic car flag. It’s heavy and cloth and stitched. It says, “Los Angeles City Election Division” on the hoist. It seems like it belongs to the election people, although the nearest polling place is a couple miles away and the next election isn’t until November 4th.

I fold it up carefully. I’ll hold on to it for a couple weeks. We usually mail in our votes, but it’d be kinda cool to bring the flag over to the polling place and give it to them. Maybe they’ve been missing it.

October 18th

1 mile



  1. HeavenlyHeathen · October 20, 2014

    48 stars? This is an old flag. Old Glory, Old flag.

    • Juan Zung · October 20, 2014

      Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. That’s pretty cool. I should do a little research on it.

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