Walking the Dog, Part 12

September 21st

1.66 miles

When we got Goose, she panicked every time she had to walk over a short overpass looking down at the wash. Once she yanked off her collar and ran into the street. There wasn’t any traffic. But it still wasn’t an efficient way to walk in our neighborhood since we have to cross the the wash at least twice every time we go out.

So, I started bringing treats with us when we walked. When we got the wash, we’d stop and I’d give her a treat. Then we’d stop again in them middle and one more treat. Then, once we crossed over, she’d get one more treat. This worked perfectly. She’s not afraid of crossing the wash anymore.

My youngest son says, “it’s not fair that she can get over her fears so easy.”

I had to agree, and being a know-it-all dad, I had make up some reason why this was the case.

I say, “It’s because humans have too much imagination. So, even when we see that something is safe, we can keep imagining that it’s not.”

I don’t know if that’s a satisfying answer. I’m kinda thinking it’s not.


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