Walking the Goose, Part 31

October 10th

1.5 miles

Turns out my new neighbors have a pit bull that has figured out how to get out of its yard. I was talking to another neighbor about the new pit bull, when it sauntered out from behind it’s fence, as if on cue. It looked at us, standing stout and strong. Supposedly, it’s not aggressive, which I believe. Not all pit bulls are fighting machines.

This dog looked bigger than other pit bulls, but I haven’t really been around the breed since I was a kid and my dad brought one home.

Our old pit bull was named Milo. He had a great name. He was named after the singer from the Descendents. But he wasn’t a good dog. He would always attack our other dog, Junior. And he’d kick Junior’s ass every time.

Then, one day, my brother was trying to break up a fight between the two dogs and Milo bit my brother pretty hard. My dad got rid of Milo after that.

It was the right thing to do. But I felt kind of bad for Milo. After he bit my brother, he seemed genuinely sorry.

It was like he was thinking, “Dude, when I’ve got the guns blazing, you’ve gotta take cover! You can’t just stroll into the middle of a showdown with your hippie-dippie-love routine! What do think this is, Woodstock?”



  1. samk987 · October 11, 2014

    Enjoy all the journaling bout Goose. I like how Milo welcomed the mud throwing fans 🙂

    • Juan Zung · October 11, 2014

      Milo fucking rocks… or at least sings pretty good.

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