Walking the Dog, Part 8

September 17th

2.0 miles

Most of the time people assume that Goose is a boy. She is, of course, a girl.

A typical conversation goes like this:

“Hey,” says person, “what kind of dog is he?”

She,” I say, “is a lab/mountain dog mix, or something.”

“Oh, cool. She’s a good looking dog.”

Then this last weekend, Goose met my friend’s cock-a-poo, who is a boy dog. Goose promptly mounted him from behind. I was a little embarrassed.

All this made me think of the old Replacements song, Androgynous:

“Now, something meets Boy, and something meets Girl. They both look the same. They’re overjoyed in this world. Same hair, revolution, Unisex, evolution. Tomorrow who’s gonna fuss.”


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