Walking the Goose, Part 26

October 6th

2.8 miles

Sometimes it just takes time for people and animals to get over their prejudices. Goose is hardly the same dog as she was when she first joined our family. She used to be anxious the whole time during our walks: hair standing up on her back, tail between her legs, whimpering at noises, refusing to cross bridges, and trying to run away from barking dogs.

But now, she’s just as confident as can be with these barkers. She’ll go right up them, wagging her tail enthusiastically as they try to maul her grin off her face. The other day, this German Shepherd “Guard Dog” was chomping at Goose from behind its fence. There was a gap in the fence wide enough for the GS to fit its snout through. Goose had got her face right up to it, right in-between those slats where the GS was chomping. I yanked the Goose away just as the GS bit into the air where Goose’s face used to be.

Maybe I could have just let her get bit. It wouldn’t have killed her, probably wouldn’t have even hurt her all that much. And it would have taught her a lesson, that she was right the first time, the world isn’t actually safe. And, I know, in a post-apocolyptic zombie world, that fear would be a good thing.

But I figure, what the hell, the zombie apocalypse is still at least a year away. Might as well let her enjoy her innocence for while.


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  1. mihrank · October 5, 2014

    great post!!

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