Walking the Goose, Part 25

October 5th

10 miles

No dog today. Left the Goose at home so I could do a long run, which is rare these days: running long and going out without Goose.

Goose, is that you?

Goose, is that you?

It was a miserable first mile. I was coming up with reasons to quit when I saw another runner, about my level (or the level I used to think was my level). She was probably clicking off about a 8:45 pace. Pretty fast for this neighborhood. We nodded at each other, which is sort of the minimum that runners do to acknowledge each other, acknowledging that we’re in the same ridiculous boat, doing the the same ridiculous thing: running for miles and miles and hours and hours, all to chase after some elusive sense of accomplishment.

It was cool. That little nod was enough to get me going.

One hour and 40 minutes later, I saw her again. She seemed much happier to see me the second time. As if I’d proven that I was serious and not just someone who’d come out and quit after 12 minutes. I was stretching and ready to go home. She was still running.



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