Walking the Goose, Part 23

October 2nd

2.6 miles

It’s National Black Dog day. Yes, there is such a day. I thought it was weird too. But it turns out it’s a do-gooder holiday to bring awareness to discrimination against black shelter animals.

I know, that sounds absurd.

But it’s real. It even has a name: Black Dog Syndrome. The stats are that black animals in shelters are the least adopted and most euthanized. Sad but true. People are just biased against black dogs.

It makes me wonder if that’s why so many folks seem to cross the street when me and Goose are walking towards them. Maybe it’s me. But I wonder if they’re just racist fucks. But that’s hardly a compassionate thought.

Then I want to think, what does it matter? If they want to believe that my dog is a bad omen or an evil spirit incarnate or just creepy, well, that’s not my problem.

But then that old do-gooder conscience kicks in, and I think, people just need to know more truth to combat their ignorance. So, with that said, here’s a public service announcement brought to you by Jimmy and Rob, Please, folks, be kind to one another:


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