Walking the Goose, Part 22

October 1st

2.2 miles

We walked by the Husky and the angry Chihuahua today. We were on the other side of the street. And instead of barking with his usual gnarly bark, the husky started howling. He howled and he howled from when we first got in eye-sight until we turned the corner.

It was this strange low and mournful wolf-like “Owwww-Oooooo.”

As if he wanted Goose to come back, to not walk away.

It made me feel a little sad and poetic for him, wondering what happened. He used to act like he hated us so much, like he’d like nothing better than to tear our throats out. But I guess this is the way the heart turns. From anger and protectiveness, to a sort of false indifference. Then if you’re persistent enough, to longing and affection.


Was this yours, Mr. Husky Dog? Next time, I’ll bring a bottle to share.


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