Walking the Dog, Part 15

September 24th

2.5 miles

There’s an old dude that lives on the corner. He’s got a cinderblock wall on the west side of his property.  There’s a car-sized hole in that wall right now.

This is not the first time this has happened to the poor guy. It was probably just last year (though exact timelines elude me) when a car lost control and smashed into another part of his wall.

Then there’s the mayor, who lives a couple houses down. He parked his truck in front of his house over the weekend. Someone wrecked into the back of it. It looks pretty bad. Four days later and it’s still sitting there. It was a hit-and-run. The driver took off, leaving a trail of busted-up car debris down the street.

image just for reference, not actually from my street

image just for reference, not actually from my street

I wonder what the story is with these wrecks. I’m guessing they were all drunk and just lost control of their vehicles. But then, kids will sometimes drag race on the old dude’s street. So maybe that was it. Or, maybe, being rather late at night, maybe they just fell asleep at the wheel.

Then I think, “what would be the weirdest reason why someone would crash their car into a wall, or into a parked car or into someone’s kitchen (happened to my next-door neighbor a few years ago)?”

And I try really hard to think of something, but nothing comes to mind.



  1. myyorkiesworld · September 26, 2014

    wow! you and goose really do see some interesting things…and have some great adventures!

    • Juan Zung · October 1, 2014

      Thanks for stopping by, Juniper. Hopefully me and Goose can meet you someday!

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