Write Drunk


Write Drunk. Edit Sober.

– Ernest Hemingway





  1. PaigeRandall · June 4, 2014

    My favorite!

    • Juan Zung · June 4, 2014

      literally and/or figuratively, this rule has never failed me.

  2. Heather M. · June 4, 2014

    Stephen King wrote a few books drunk. I think it was The Shinning, he said he didn’t remember writing because he was drunk and on some kind of drugs. Don’t quote me on that though. It might have been another book.

    • Juan Zung · June 5, 2014

      I love Stephen King quotes about writing. He (supposedly) said something about English Lit being the worst major for writers. Of course I was a lit major. As was Stephen King.

      • Heather M. · June 6, 2014

        HAHA!! I would agree with Stephen King though. While it does help to a degree, it also forces your mind to always write properly. But sometimes while writing, some rules just have to be broken. I will admit though, I wish I had go to school for English lit or something in that nature. Computer Electronics doesn’t help much in my writing career.

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