When the Lord first set Behemoth and Leviathan against us, our only tactics were to run or to hide. We ran by quitting every challenge. We hid into the arms of protectors. But that wasn’t why He loosed those beasts upon us.

The Lord wanted us to turn and run towards our fate, not away from it. Up until then, we ran fastest when running away. To escape. But it didn’t take long to recognize that human beings would never run fast enough to evade what hunts us. At that point of recognition, we understood that we are built to run after something. To the goal, the prize.

We — all of us — were born for that. Running wasn’t meant to be our defense; it is our offense. When we run, we aren’t prey, we are predator.




  1. youchunhee · January 25, 2013

    Never got to comment on this or tell you in person, but I thought of this as we were running last week. Even from the sidelines or the blogosphere, you are a true captain!

  2. notapastor · January 25, 2013

    Thx, ChunHee. I know I took some theological liberties here, but the science and theory behind my poetic-license comes from the book *Born To Run* by Chris McDougall

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