Ghozt Writer AKA Huan-Zung Hsu [6]

Ghozt Writer is a Huan-Zung Hsu, small-time local freelance writer. [1]  This is his notebook. [2]

Most of his projects revolve around copy-writing, copy-editing, grant-writing and blogging. [3] He also writes short stories. [4]

Formerly known as notapastor, this blog’s tagline used to read: “a secular christian’s guide to evangelicalism.”  [5]

Contact him directly at:  the.ghozt.writer[at]gmail[dot]com


[1] Huan-Zung Hsu is my real name. But I sometimes go by Juan Zung, which is sort of a pen name. Also, in the original Chinese, my name would read “Hsu Huan-Zung,” and legally, in America, it reads “Huanzung Hsu.”

[2] I thought about naming this blog (foot)notebook, because I really enjoy footnoting.

[3] Besides this blog, I have also worked on the SANACS journal blog and am currently running the blog for Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Monterey Park.

[4] The stuff I’m working on now are sci-fi/fantasy stories. If there was a strong genre called “literary science fiction,” I would very much like to be identified with it. Pretentious prick that I aspire to be.

[5] I have a statement of beliefs, sort of, as a Secular Christian:

I don’t believe in supernatural beings, but who knows…

I do believe that humans getting along with each other helps.

And I believe in evolution, the kind of evolution that moves all of the cosmos along an ultimately irresistible arch towards justice and love.

[6] Gin & Tonic is my drink. But truth is, I’ll pretty much drink anything you put in front of me.


  1. Saw your blog on the Oct. 13th workshop at Union Church with Rev. Ken Fong and Rev. Nori Ochi.
    Thought I’d share a thought re: the Supreme Court cases:

    The gay rights movement will be regarded as one that resulted in the swiftest changes ever in American society.

    But for those who suffered from decades of
    social isolation,
    loss of jobs, health,
    and tragically, for many, a loss of their lives,
    the changes could not have come sooner!

    Our secular community might view the case presented to the Supreme Court as further evidence of the ‘crumbling walls of the church’. However, for progressive Christian churches that welcomes gays, it confirms their position of demonstrating the humanity as taught by Christ.

    It is a huge stretch, but the Supreme Court arguments provide an opportunity for fundamentalist churches to break out of the shackles of apostle Paul and his writings, which reflected his unfamiliarity with the subject of sexual orientation. I feel that his writings reflected the ‘accepted community social standards’ regarding homosexuality of his time.
    Harold Kameya

    1. Harold, thank you for your words. I couldn’t agree more. In many ways, the changes have already happened in the hearts of our generation and the one to come. No matter how many set-backs we’ve yet to encounter, love and justice are already doing their good work.

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